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Croeso and welcome to Puffin produce the home of Blas Y Tir

Since the 1970s we've been offering Welsh customers the finest potatoes, grown and packed here in Pembrokeshire. Here at Puffin Produce, we're proud to offer our Welsh farmers a fair deal. Together we bring you the real 'taste of the land' or 'blas y tir' as we say in Welsh.

Award Winning Potatoes

Welsh shoppers love to buy local, so we supply produce to shops all over Wales, with own brand and our premium brand Blas Y Tir, ('Taste of the Land'). From our award-winning Rudolph potato, Estima Bakers and Maris Peer Pembrokeshire Earlies and across our range, our produce is as Welsh as the landscape it comes from.

Our roots

Our commitment to Wales is strong, and not just because we think it's a great place to live. With our roots so deep in this countryside, we're proud to work sustainably with local farmers and farmland, preserving the beauty of our unique landscape and supporting the region's communities and wildlife.