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Adam Davies — Business Analyst

Keeping Puffin's figures in shape

How many potatoes will Puffin sell next week and next month? At which stores will we score best with shoppers? Adam Davies's job is to answer questions like this as accurately as possible. Analysing sales figures and margins, store figures and traiting, it's no surprise that Adam loves doing his sums. After studying accountancy and finance at the University of the West of England and working for a firm of local accountants, he is an ACCA qualified accountant.

Adam's from neighbouring Carmarthenshire and says he finds Pembrokeshire a friendly place, where "everyone seems to know everyone." That feeling is obviously carried through to Puffin's Haverfordwest HQ: "I'm enjoying the energy and being part of Puffin's vision for the future," he says. "There's a great atmosphere and everyone gets along, so it's hard work but also fun to be here." Now we're just trying to find out why Adam's twitter name is 'Davies Vegas'...