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Stephen Mathias — Field Services Manager

A growing connection

Helping to create better crops has shaped Steve Mathias's career path for nearly twenty years - with one exception: "In 2005 I left farming to qualify as a secondary school chemistry teacher," he says. "But the call of the land was obviously stronger and I came back a year later!"

An agricultural degree from Harper Adams launched him into agronomy, with the quest for perfect potatoes taking him from Suffolk to Shropshire, the Midlands, southwest England and Wales. My Dad originally stimulated my passion for Potatoes, he was a founder member of the Pembrokeshire Potato Marketing group in the 1970s.

Steve joined Puffin in August 2013. His role is to improve the quality and quantity of crops grown for our retail clients, working with our growers at every stage of the growing cycle and keeping them up to date with the latest developments.