Puffin Produce Puffin Produce


Our fieldsman, Matt Dahill, works closely with the growers, monitoring growing quality from planting to harvest, and our expert agronomist Nigel Allam is on hand to give advice at the growing stage.


When the potatoes arrive at our warehouse, our skilled team grades them for size and quality, using the latest equipment for speed and accuracy. They are then chilled to precisely the right temperature.


At our Withybush headquarters near Haverfordwest, Technical manager Alex Tebby's teams test each incoming batch to ensure that only the freshest and tastiest potatoes get through.

small puffin


As orders start to come in around 5.00 am, potatoes are washed, dried, graded then packed to order. All this means our freshly picked spuds are speeding to supermarket shelves by midday the same day!

The Puffin Process

Here at Puffin Produce, quality control starts in the field and continues through every stage of getting fresh potatoes to your local shop.

In recent years the company has experienced rapid growth in both market share and facilities. With Welsh Government and European Union support some £12.5 million in capital expenditure has been invested in the company, leading to 200% growth and staff numbers increasing from 50 to 125.